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Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are good for them. What they often don’t think about is they’re only good for you if you NEED them.

People often associate needing to “detox” with consuming drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and the like. What they don’t realize is that people can become toxic not only from those things, but from air pollutants, things that absorb through your skin, the foods you eat or how you eat them, and even your nutritional supplements!

Most vitamins and minerals have what’s called a toxicity level.

A toxicity level is a level of vitamin or mineral that is so high that it becomes toxic or poisonous to the body. Some signs of toxicity include, headaches, nausea, rashes, fatigue, weight gain etc. So while vitamin DEFICIENCY is bad, and can cause miserable conditions and diseases, vitamin TOXICITY is bad too. What you need is a healthy BALANCE of vitamins and minerals.

Getting a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals can be challenging! In today’s world with the demands we place on our bodies, the levels of pollution we are regularly exposed to, lack of sleep, stress, genetic issues, pesticides, farming issues etc. etc. Pretty much everyone needs to supplement with something periodically. Recognizing these needs, packaged or processed foods are often “fortified” with different nutrients. While adding nutrients in to avoid deficiency is good, they can still be out of balance for absorption… and WAY out of balance and hitting toxicity levels if you’re consuming large amounts of packaged or processed foods.

Iron, for example, is necessary to help carry oxygen in the blood, build strong nails, for immune function, healthy cellular growth, energy levels and to perform a variety of other functions in the body. What people don’t realize is that levels of iron that are too high can cause abdominal pains, diarrhea, internal bleeding and fainting. So every time you see an ad touting the benefits of a nutrient, it might not be the best idea to just rush out and go get some.

So what’s the answer? It’s pretty simple really:

1. Eat as many of your foods from a wide variety of fresh organic sources as possible minimizing packaged/processed, chemically enhanced (ie:”diet”, hormone/antibiotic treated meats) or genetically modified foods. Natural foods tend to have a broader, more moderate balance of nutrients that’s easier on the body and are more effective for absorption than packaged foods.

2. Avoid obvious contaminants like excess alcohol and smoking (even second-hand).

3. Consult a specialist to determine where you are lacking in nutrients so you can save time, and money, by supplementing with only what you need.

Remember, good health greatly contributes to your happiness and is directly linked to your quality of life. Getting adequate sleep, exercise, stress relief, and the right BALANCE of nutrients, is the best way to improve and ensure good health. ~

Bliss Lifestyle Therapies Initial Testing & Results can help you determine which nutrients you actually need and outline a road map regarding your foods to help you achieve your best energy and best health ever!

Save yourself time and money by getting just the things that you need and save your body from the toxicity of getting too much of the wrong stuff.

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