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What is Detoxification and Why is it Important?

Detoxification is clearing the body’s natural waste by-products and any environmental toxins. This happens through several body systems working together.

Sources of Toxins:

We don’t always think of naturally made toxins, but we have some of those as a natural part of cellular activity, then there is aging, and exposure to things in our environment. 

There are many toxicicity sources in our environment that we tend to take for granted. Chemincals and fumes in beauty products, or machinery, over the counter drugs like pain killers, recreational drugs and alcohol, skincare products, and excess mask wearing to name a few.

Anything that we breathe, touch, or eat that contains toxins, adds to the toxic load that our body has to clean out. 

Toxicity signs and sources

The Importance of Detoxification

The more toxins we have the more we experience:

Aging ● Weight Gain/Retention ● Fatigue ● Headaches ●

Allergies ● Skin Problems ● Hormone Problems ● Increased Illness

Toxicity can affect all of our homone levels, including thyroid function which determines how many calories we burn daily and affects our energy levels. This can contribute to making us feel fat, weak, and tired.

Basically, the more toxic we are the more miserable we are.

The good news is there are some steps to help 🙂

Detoxify for energy, weight loss and more

How Do You Detox?

First, it’s important to minimize exposure to toxins as much as possible to make life easier for your body.

There are several systems in the body (skin. & fascia, Lungs, GI, Liver, Kidney, Bladder) that work together to help clear damaging toxins from our system. So in order to effectively detoxify we need to protect and support each of these systems.

Fascia and fat cells trap toxins to help protect other organs and cells when there is too much to release or not enough of the right nutrition to be able to do the job. This can be why we feel so bad when we start a weight loss program. As fat is released for energy, so are toxins that were hiding in the fat cells. We want to blame the trainer, the treadmill, the diet, but really its all the garbage we had stuffed in our cells coming out and damaging tissues on the way out.

Heavy metals and other toxins can be released through the sweat and pores of the skin. The lungs release excess carbon dioxide and other unwanted gases, so try as much as you can to get fresh air and pass on mask wearing. 

A healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract helps prevent dietary toxins from reaching the blood stream. If you’re having GI troubles you’ll want to address this first, before you attempt any intense detoxification process. Your practitioner can help you determine if this is needed and how to help. It normally takes about two weeks of intensive healing for the GI tract to become ready enough to support a detox program.

Anything that does not go out through the GI tract, skin or lungs, can be released into the blood stream and filtered through the liver to be made water soluble in order to send it out through the kidneys and bladder in the urine.

  • Try to provide your body with the basics. Fresh air, clean water, the right amount and level of exercise, and healthy eating to support your body’s natural detoxification processes.

  • After provining your body with the basics, there are specific nutrients, activities, and therapies that can be powerful in aiding the liver and other organs to process out toxins, and boost your body’s ability to detoxify.

After years of education and experience, I have come up with what I have found to be the most safe and effective way to detoxify:

Detoxification Steps