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Hyper-wellness is about finding out just how great your health can get! Boost your metabolism, increase your ability to heal, recover faster, and just feel better.

Learn about powerful health treatments that work with your body to create optimal results and healing.

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Available in a variety pack of 10 sessions for $119, monthy unlimited variety pack $139 or as low as $15 for a single treatment. 

Just like two heads are better than one in solving a problem; people that are trying to heal or get healthy, get better results when doing this in proximity than when they are isolated.

Near infrared (NIR) and incandescent light penetrates five times more deeply into the body than traditionally used FIR, to create an intense thermotherapy, which stimulates immune function and detoxification, while stimulating mitochondria, the tiny engines inside our cells that make the energy we need.

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful, teeny-tiny gas molecule that travels freely throughout the body rapidly cancelling out free radicals and oxidative stress that contribute to fatigue, disease and toxicity. The more you can get the better!

You can scroll to the bottom of the page to book an in-office treatment, or click the link below to Rent an H2 Device.

Microcirculation therapy increases circulation on a microscopic level, which is the level that we need! This is where nutrients are delivered to the cells and toxins and waste are removed. Boosting microcirculation helps us to regenerate faster.

Just like a computer, your brain, heart and all of your nervous system signals run on electricity. Just like a computer needs to be grounded or it is glitchy or crashes, your body and brain also need to be grounded for optimal health. We naturally do this through our bare feet in the dirt or grass, or when indoors, through a grounding mat. 

Thermotherapy, or in this case “heat” therapy, gently warms the body using far infrared (FIR) light via heating the natural stones jade, amethyst and tourmaline. This soothes muscles and joints relieving pain and increasing mobility. It also stimulates circulation for improved healing. Thermotherapy is great to enjoy just prior to your warm-up for a fitness session, to deepen relief after a stress relief session.

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