What is Lifestyle Therapy?

Lifestyle therapy is the #1 BEST way to improve your health, for LIFE. Look better, feel better, lose excess weight, make a strong immune system and prevent, or reverse, lifestyle related diseases like heart disease and T2 diabetes. Through the process, learn what you need to take control of your health and be able to get the results you want for life.

Look and feel great!

Step 1

Schedule an Initial Testing & Consult.
(90 minutes $175)

Step 2

Through your test results, you and your Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner will choose the right balance of lifestyle components and design a custom program just for you.

Step 3

Start your program, start feeling better and get results!

You will learn the skills you need to acheive peak health and how to maintain it for LIFE.

True Lifestyle Therapy is a combination of key elements, synergyistically linked together, and can provide powerful health results like nothing else. “Lifestyle Therapy” is short for “therapeutic lifestyle changes” which is the number one treatment for weight loss, energy and today’s top killing diseases.

Lifestyle Therapy is your most powerful tool to:

  • Get more energy.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Get lasting results for excess weight loss.
  • Prevent or Reverse: heart disease, certain cancers, and type II diabetes.

Individualized Lifestyle Therapy

Lifestyle Therapy Components

= 100% RESULTS

To get 100% lasting results one must respect that the percentages vary for each individual, and that the pieces of Lifestyle Therapy must be done together.

When you only do one piece of Lifestyle Therapy, nearly 70% of your results are lost.

Bliss Lifestyle Therapies specializes in the most advanced Lifestyle Therapy programs available, to help you get powerful, lasting results now. Whether you are wanting more energy, to trim down or need to handle something bigger, like type II diabetes, we can help you achieve your health goals as quickly as possible.

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