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Xymogen Quality Supplements

Click on the button or image above, to go to the WholeScripts powered by Xymogen e-store and sign in, or create a new account, for access to high quality formulas recommended by your practitioner.

To create an account you will need the following information:

Your referral code is: 2bhealthy
Your practitioners last name is: Brahm

Premier Research Labs supplements

Premier Research Labs (PRL) offers unique and high quality formulas often derived from probiotics that your practitioner may recommend for your unique needs. Click on the button or image above to register your account and access the PRL supplements that your practitioner recommends.

Pure Encapsulations has simple ingredients, and unique formulas without fillers, best for individuals with sensitivities. Click on the button or image above to register your account and access the Pure Encapsulations supplements that your practitioner recommends.

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Your body’s needs change periodically. It’s important to check in with your Bliss Lifestyle Therapy Practitoner if you have noticed any changes in your health, or every 1-3 months, to determine if any adjustments to nutrition or supplements are needed based on your body’s current status.

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NIR Light therapy for health

While we would love to see you here to share our NIR sauna, we understand if you just can’t get enough of a good thing and want your own NIR sauna or light therapy at home too.

Click on the button or image above to shop Near-Infrared (NIR) products for health at home.

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) Device Rental

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful, teeny-tiny gas molecule that travels freely throughout the body rapidly cancelling out free radicals and oxidative stress that contribute to fatigue, disease and toxicity.

Click the link below to Rent an H2 Device.

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