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Health is intricately tied to happiness. It is necessary to have the energy, functionality, and mental clarity needed for the activities and relationships we love and to be able to excell at what we do best.

Bliss Lifestyle Therapies is a premier hyper-wellness center that was developed through over 20 years of working between doctors’ offices and fitness facilities. There is a strong need to bridge the disconnect between the two and provide the powerful foundation needed for health success. Most people do not realize the underlying health problems that exist and don’t know that many are preventable or reversible.

The term “therapeutic lifestyle changes” aka Lifestyle Therapy, is widely used by the medical community, but little known by the general public. Even though research repeatedly shows that the lifestyle factors of nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction affect a person’s health most profoundly, the medical industry struggles to convey this.

With a medical system that was built to profit the most when people are sick, thousands of caring healthcare professionals are taught little to nothing about the components of Lifestyle Therapy and are not provided with the resources to provide this powerful foundation to their patients.

Weight loss, and the need for more energy are the top two reasons people start a health program. While these may not seem like a big deal, they are often symptoms of underling health issues ranging from insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, heart disease, cancer, to even full blown type II diabetes. A whopping 90% of people with pre-diabetes have no idea they have it.

The fact that so many people have no idea they have pre-diabetes, or another serious underlying health problem, and those that do know, often have no idea that many of these health problems can be prevented or reversed, makes it clear that we as healthcare professionals need to do better. People deserve to be able to have Lifestyle Therapy, the powerful and critical foundation needed for their health.

Lifestyle Therapy can provide long-term results for weight loss, is the single greatest way to strengthen the immune system, it acts as an anti-depressant, and can prevent or reverse many diseases, especially lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, hypertension, certain cancers, and type II diabetes.

In order to get results like never before, dynamic Lifestyle Therapy programs have been created and are delivered by caring and experienced professionals to meet people’s individual needs.

Through Lifestyle Therapy, people have the opportunity to experience a quality of life that they haven’t had in years, or maybe ever. As people get healthy and feel better, we watch their smiles grow, and so do ours.

Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner

Sydney Brahm, Founder and CEO

Kinesiology | Nutrition | Biology | BSP

 BS Health Science – CHES

Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner


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