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Health is happiness! As you get healthy we watch your smile grow and ours does too.

Through working with Bliss, I discovered the reason I was having trouble with weight was that I was pre-diabetic. Bliss was able to create a plan that improved my blood sugar handling, avoiding diabetes, and allowed me to finally get results! I never thought I’d be this size again, I love it!

- Lost 60 lbs

As a nurse and a busy mom I was having difficulty losing weight. I was tested and bliss designed a program for me that was way easier than I thought it would be. The weight suddenly seemed to melt right off! I lost 62 pounds and was able to teach my children some nutrition skills too. Now, no one would ever know by looking at me that I’m a mom. Feeling good and I love it!

- Lost 62 lbs

Ali-Before — Cassie-After 62 lbs (Center) & Ali - After 58 lbs (Right)

I really didn’t know what to do and had no idea how bad my sweet-tooth really was. I was able to get the cravings under control and lost 58 lbs! Now I’m able to wear sexy dresses again and feel confident when I go out.

- Lost 58 lbs

In my work as a fire fighter it’s really important to stay fit. I worked out hard but was unable to shed the extra pounds.Thanks to an individualized Bliss Lifestyle Therapy program, I started seeing regular results every week! I feel fantastic and am so glad to finally have the reward for all my hard work!


- Lost 42 lbs

When I started with Bliss I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and had about 160 lbs to lose. I’ve been learning healthy nutrition, and exercise lifestyle habits and reducing stress. So far I have lost 93 pounds! I feel better than ever and have started planning and doing the hikes I’ve always wanted to. All of my labs have been improving and I’ve been able to reduce or eliminate medications so my doctor is impressed! My results are consistent and I’m excited to see what fun I will get to do when I reach my end goal!


- Lost 93 lbs

I feel the healthiest I ever have in my life! My posture has improved dramatically and I am strong. The strength I have gained makes my job easier and there are less trips from the car to the house with groceries. The work I have done at Bliss has improved coordination and endurance making my tennis game the best yet. Doing hikes, skiing and other active things with friends is now easy and a lot more fun!

- Lost 40 lbs

I wasn’t happy with my body and I wanted to quit smoking so I decided this was it. I went to Bliss where I learned exercise and nutrition would help my body deal with the chemical changes of quitting smoking. I’m doing great! Getting stronger and down 30 lbs so far! I’m feeling so much better and looking forward to finally reaching my health goals.

- Lost 30 lbs

I had terrible energy and lots of stress with my job. I used to have to rely on caffeine and naps to get me through the day. I didn’t know what to eat and under stress just ate anything and everything as a way of dealing with it. I learned healthy eating habits and to use exercise to help me manage my stress. I never thought I’d be able to do chin-ups and dips with my own body weight, but I am! Now my energy is fantastic and I can burn through a work day way more productively. I’m down to 9% body fat and can see my abs. I feel great and I love it!

- Lost 75 lbs

I’ve never had a six-pack in my life. So, although I wanted that I really came in thinking I’d be happy if I could just lose the love handles and spare tire I’d acquired. I like to run and really noticed the extra weight slowing me down. Not only was the nutrition and exercise program reasonable to follow, the two worked well together and I got great results a lot faster than I expected.  I was feeling great and doing more fun things. One day I changed to my swim trunks to head in for indoor surfing and walking past the locker room mirrors, I was shocked to see that I now had a six-pack! I’ll never forget the things I learned and feel confident that I now know what to do to maintain my new healthy weight.


- Lost 48 lbs

Lifestyle Medicine, lifestyle therapy, hyper-wellness, nature

I had been doing exercise alone and decided to try Turbo Trim red light therapy. I can’t believe I only got in four sessions and still lost 9.5 inches! It really motivated me and helped boost all the hard work from exercise.


- Lost 12 lbs

Lifestyle Medicine, lifestyle therapy, hyper-wellness, nature

I’m a runner and originally came in to improve my running times through nutrition. Bliss helped me see how a personalized, more balanced Lifestyle Therapy program would be better than nutrition alone. My workouts were designed to compliment my running. I had been stress eating and didn’t realize I was nearly pre-diabetic. I lost 40 pounds over the course of my program. During that time I tried the Turbo Trim — red light therapy and really cranked up the speed of my results! The photos taken were while doing Lifestyle Therapy before and after my two weeks of Turbo Trim. There’s no amount of diet and exercise that can make you lose that fast! The great part is there was no downtime and it helped improve my blood sugar handling at the same time. I reached my goal of improved run times and got the bonus of weight loss, energy and better health. I feel great!


- Lost 40 lbs

I couldn’t believe the difference in my face and neck when I saw this old picture of me! (left) I could really see a difference since I was wearing the same shirt. I lost fat and gained some muscle which feels great! The work with body mechanics has helped me feel better for longer at work where I’m on my feet a lot. Fitting in my skinny clothes is nice, but the best part is having more energy and feeling great!

I decided to add Turbo Trim red light therapy for 9 sessions to see if I could cut through more of the last stubborn fat. It melted 10.25 more inches off really fast!


- Lost 30 lbs

I’m an athlete and like to think I’ve always got everything under control. Because I’m active, people think I’m always in great shape and give me a hard time when I complain about feeling a few extra pounds is weighing me down during athletic activities. I wanted to show people what a difference even a few pounds can make. Through the process I realized no workout can fix simply having too much food or alcohol, and even if I workout a lot, what I eat really affects my blood sugar handling. Its not so simple as just eating less. I’m feeling clean, light and stronger than ever in the gym which has really helped my performance.


- Lost 9 lbs

I feel great! I haven’t weight this since high school! As a result of the weight loss and eating improvements I was able to get off of cholesterol and prostate medications. I’m 45 and people actually think 30 now, I love it!

- Lost 30 lbs

I couldn’t get the weight to budge before Bliss. The weight came off much more easily than I expected and now I’m able to go back to running and other activities I love! My cholesterol and blood pressure are normal now too. Thank you Bliss!

- Lost 46 lbs

I now weigh 187 lbs. I still have a little ways to go to reach my goal, but this seems like a miracle after having come in at 285 pounds. I’ve always struggled with weight and for the first time in my adult life I weight less than I did when I was 13. I continue to see results and am so excited! I never thought I’d ever be close to a normal weight! I can wear normal sizes now instead of having to go to special plus size stores. Learning lifestyle changes has helped me to control a heart issue, and the 98 lbs I was able to lose through Lifestyle Therapy has been off for 3 years now. It feels like it’s finally gone forever and I feel great!


- Lost 98 lbs

Experts are here to help you reach your health goals.

Healthy living is a choice that gives you the power to feel good enough to do the things you love. Take charge of your health through Lifestyle Therapy.

  • Bliss Lifestyle Therapies is a premier wellness center that was developed after over 20 years of working between doctors’ offices and fitness facilities and finding out what really works.
  • Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals so you can enjoy the things that make you happy.
  • Often weight gain or fatigue can be linked to underling blood sugar handling issues from insulin resistance, to pre-diabetes, and even type II diabetes.
  • Research shows that the lifestyle factors Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Reduction affect a person’s health most profoundly, and can reverse or prevent lifestyle related diseases like type II diabetes.

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