A whopping 85% of clients enjoy permanent weight loss and 100% improve labs, feel better and learn the skills to help them feel in control of their health for life.

Health is happiness! As you get healthy you get to enjoy life more. We watch your smile grow and ours does too.

No matter how I tried to eat right I just couldn’t seem to lose the weight. I was so heavy and uncoordinated I could barely walk across the room without tripping over my own feet.. With six children and three that have special needs, I was so tired and overwhelmed, that any exercise was a real struggle.

Through working with Bliss, I discovered the reason I was having trouble with weight and energy was that I had pre-diabetes. Bliss created an individualized plan that fixed my blood sugar handling, increased my energy, and helped to alleviate my stress levels. In addition, they worked with me to create strategies to help minimize the stress in my life and to deal with what I couldn’t get rid of. The combination was the magic that allowed me to finally get results! I started to feel like I could exercise. 

Not only did I lose the weight, but I have been able to keep my labs good, and I became coordinated. Now I actually like exercise! I never thought I’d be this size again, and I can hardly believe I’m actually able to enjoy fitness events with my husband and kids. I love it!


- Lost 60 lbs

After working with Bliss, I feel the healthiest I ever have in my life! My posture has improved dramatically and I am strong. This has resulted in less injuries and less trips to the chiropractor. The strength I have gained makes my job and everything I do in life easier.

I have more energy, confidence, and mental clarity to keep up and excel in a demanding managerial position.

The work I have done at Bliss has also improved coordination and endurance making my tennis game the best yet.

Instead of being too tired and out of shape to go out much, I am now loving hikes, skiing and other active things with friends and having a lot more fun!



- Lost 40 lbs

I’m an executive and a runner. I originally came in thinking to improve my running times through nutrition.

Bliss helped me see how a personalized, more balanced Lifestyle Therapy program would be better than nutrition alone. Workouts were designed to compliment and support my running. Nutrition and exercise components also took into account for my stress levels at work and I got better results across the board.

I had been stress eating and didn’t realize I was pre-diabetic. I lost 40 pounds over the course of my program, and cranked up the results losing another 15 inches in just two weeks with Turbo Trim — red light therapy! The photos taken were from doing 12 weeks of Lifestyle Therapy before and after my two weeks of Turbo Trim.

I reached my goal of improved run times, fixed blood sugar handling, and got the bonus of weight loss, energy, and better health. As an athlete, I didn’t realize how these things were affecting me at work and it improved my job perfomance too. I’m pleasantly surprised to find work easier, I have better run times, and I feel great!


- Lost 40 lbs

I had terrible energy and lots of stress with my job working with the military. I used to have to rely on caffeine and naps to get me through the day. I didn’t know what to eat and under stress just ate anything and everything as a way of dealing with it.

Through working with Bliss, I learned healthy eating habits, gained the strength to do things I never thought I would, and learned specific techniques to reduce my stress and find relief without having to use excess food..

I never thought I’d be able to do chin-ups and dips with my own body weight, but I am now! My energy is fantastic and I can burn through a work day feeling in charge and way more productive. I’m down to 9% body fat and can see my abs. I feel great and I love it!


- Lost 75 lbs

I feel great! I just finished a Lifestyle Therapy program and I haven’t weight this since I was in sports in high school! As a result of the weight loss and lifestyle improvements, I was finally able to get off of cholesterol and prostate medications.

I’m relieved and happy I was able to easily meet physical requirments to meet the demands of my military career, and now I have the energy I need to keep up. I’m 45 years old and people actually think I’m only 30 now, I love it!


- Lost 30 lbs

I’ve lost 98 pounds and counting. I have struggled with obesity my whole life. I came in to Bliss at over 50 years old and now, for the first time in my adult life, I weigh less than I did when I was 13 years old. It seems like a miracle!

As a head nurse the excess weight has been something I’ve been embarrased of and I used to try to distract people from it with and extra big smile and extra hard work. I’ve always struggled with weight but for the first time in my adult life I feel like I’ve got this! I continue to see results and am so excited! I never thought I’d ever be close to a normal weight! I can wear normal sizes now instead of having to go to special plus size stores, I have more energy and was able to get a heart condition under control.

I finally got the care I needed and the 98 lbs I was able to lose through Lifestyle Therapy has been off for over 5 years, so it feels like it’s finally gone forever, and I feel great!


- Lost 98 lbs

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