Brainspotting benefits, stress relief, first responders
  • Brainspotting (BSP) is awesome! It is powerful, non-invasive, 100% safe, and works great for problem solving, trauma, and to relieve stress.

  • While you can talk as much as you like, you do not have to share deep or uncomfortable details for BSP to work.

  • Sorry, it is not currently covered by insurance, BUT this also means there are no waitlists, time limits, or restrictions on session frequency, and there are no permanent records of your personal business.

  • While Bliss Lifestyle Therapies brainspotting clinician has training in psychology and is a Certified Brainspotting Clinician, it is a nationwide certification vs a state certification, so… 
      • There is no diagnosis, and no detailed notes. This means you can focus on working through your stuff without worrying about it affecting your job, or getting a subpoena for notes from your ex.
      • We can see anyone in the world who would like a brainspotting session, rather than being restricted only to California residents.