Stress Relief

Stress Reduction

Stress relief is the most elusive component to good health.

Stress can: block progress, diminish results, lead to weight gain, cause headaches, frequent illness, and even heart disease.

    • The wrong exercise or nutrition program makes the effects of stress worse.
    •  Simply telling telling you to mange your stress only makes it worse.
    • Stress can be another name for the obstacles that keep you from having what you want.

Bliss offers real solutions to relieve stress for real life.

Stress Relief Services

Part of  our normal intake for any service is a stress assessment to help us get a better over-all view of your health and the best ways to help you. What exactly is stress for you? Take the Stress Test here to find out. It’s very likely that the things that cause the most stress are also the the things opposing your goals.

What do you really want in life? While good health is needed to live life the way you want to, living the life you want is also an important contributor to your health.  To effectively achive your goals, a Lifestyle Therapy program will include strategizing for success with your practitioner, and Brainspotting.

First Responders and those in other high stress jobs have added stress challenges to achieving the life they want. To help you blast through stress, achieve your dreams, and to simply to feel good, the following services are available:

Relieve stress map, Lifestyle Therapy

Map Stress Relief — Achieve Your Dreams

Journey with a Life Coach to map a path to relief from stress. Strategize for success and to remove obstacles, while simultaneously accomplishing the positive changes you need to have the things you really want in life. INCLUDED in any Lifestyle Therapy program. Sessions are 55 minutes, $129, x3 sessions $327 (save $60), x6 sessions $594 (save $180). 

Brainspotting (BSP)

Access the amazing power of your brain and body through brainspotting to help you find solutions, relief, and the ability to excel at what you want to. Brainspotting is a powerful tool to help you tackle any challenge whether physical, mental, emotional  or spiritual. Watch the video to learn more. INCLUDED in any Lifestyle Therapy program. Sessions are 85 minutes $220, with any LT, fitness, or nutrition program only $195 ea. Starter 3-pack is $560 (save $100). BSP is highly effective. An average of 3 sessions are needed to start.

Emotion Code, stress relief, Lifestyle Therapy

Trapped Emotion Release & Repurposing

Emotions are so powerful they can override thought and create physical responses. While having emotions is a healthy part of our sensory system, sometimes a build-up of your own or someone else’s negative emotions can get trapped in the body. This can create problems with function, clarity, and can drain your energy. Using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) trapped emotions are quickly identified and released or repurposed/transmuted into positive, benefiical and supportive emotions, providing you with relief.  Single sessions are 20 minutes for $79 or $69 with any LT, nutrition, or fitness program, 3-pack available for $186.

meditation, stress relief, lifestyle therapy

Nidra Yoga Meditation

Nidra Yoga Meditation aka “sleep yoga” is a style of meditation to help reduce stress and improve ones quality of sleep. Lack of sleep alone can add to the body’s stress levels and make everything else you have to deal with harder. Quality sleep is an important component to health. Small group/Semi-private sessions 30 to 60 minutes with 2-4 people, $40 to $60 OR ask us for monthly rate details ranging from $23 to $54 per semi-private session. 

stress relief, meditation, lifestyle Therapy

Guided Meditation

Leads you step-by-step to a relaxed state to help reduce stress, improve ones control of brainwave state, identify goals, and rejuvenate. Improving your ability to control your brainwaves through meditation can help you to control how you feel and reduce the impact of stress, freeing your minds energy for creativity. Customized sessions can be personalized with the positive messages you need for success. Single 45 minute session $79, x10 sessions $720 (save $70). May be designed into custom Lifestyle Therapy program at $69 per session as needed.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Consciously identifing problematic areas and areas of success, while identifing the steps to achieve improvement and increase success are necessary pieces to making change and reducing stress. Essential components of CBT are included in any Lifestyle Therapy program, and integrated into nutrition and personal training programs. Your practitoner will help you brainstorm and support cognitive behavioral changes as needed to help you succeed.

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Energy Healing

Energy healing or intuitive healing is a pleasant healing modality where the practitioner uses ligh to no touch to sense your energy fields and help resolve imbalances, promote healing, and relief from discomfort. This can be performed while you are seated or lying comfortably on a treatment table. Sensitive individuals may feel a light tingling and the positive energetic shift, as your energy field organizes and resolves imbalances. (55 minute sessions, $195 or $185 with any fitness, nutrition or Lifestyle Therapy program.)

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