Corporate Wellness

Most companies SAVE an average of three times the money they spend for corporate wellness.

Healthy Employees:

  • Use less sick days and are less likely to be injured
  • Are more productive and make less errors
  • Are just happier  

Research shows most people can make dramatic health improvements through active participation in a customized Lifestyle Therapy program in just 12 weeks!

Bliss Lifestyle Therapies, LLC provides:

  • Educational Health Seminars
  • Quality, comprehensive individual health programs
  • Semi-private fitness & other team building experiences
  • Type II diabetes prevention & reversal. 

Most services and treatments can be done during a lunch hour. Health treatments, semi-private fitness and nutrition seminars can be both beneficial and team building. We can accommodate up to 8 employees per hour on site, or for certain programs we can send an expert to you. 

Start Saving and Create a Positive Work Environment 


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