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Lifestyle Membership*

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been working hard all along, we want to make it easier for you to keep your results! We’ve listened closely and created a membership just for you.


add a household member: only $119/mo

only $99/mo with any Lifestyle Therapy Program

(Save up to $400 on services!)

With top quality funcitonal movement equipment a basic understanding of proper body mechanics is essential. For your safety, 5 personal fitness training sessions are incuded in a one-time $420 enrollment fee*
*(enrollment fee is WAIVED if you purchase a 10 session personal fitness training package, any Lifestyle Therapy program (fitness is included), OR if you are an existing fitness training client)
  • Reserve cardio or weight equipment, weight workout suggestions designed by a fitness professional are provided weekly

  • Enjoy 10% off semi-private fitness or

    education seminars

  • Enjoy unlimited health treatments:

(subject to availability)

      • Molecular hydrogen therapy
      • Microcirculation therapy
      • Thermotherapy
      • PBMN and deep thermotherapy

  • $25 off PBML 15min single sessions 

(reg. $68 with LM, only $43)

  • $50 off Turbo Trim single sessions 

(reg. $195 with LM, only $145)

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Book a FREE 15 minute appointment to reserve your Lifestyle Membership.

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