Therapeutic Lifestyle Change programs can help eliminate lifestyle related issues so you can focus on solving true medical problems. Get better patient compliance, simplified diagnosis and simply better results!

This patient had developed gestational diabetes with a pregancy and continued with type 2 diabetes following. We were able to reverse the type 2 diabetes and she went on to have a subsequent pregnancy without gestational diabetes, and greatly improved her over-all energy and labor and delivery experience.

Lifestyle therapy is the #1 BEST line of therapy not only for hyper-wellness, but for lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, certain cancers, obesity and type II diabetes. Bliss Lifestyle Therapies, LLC specializes in cutting edge, comprehensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) programs to get dramatic results for your patients and to make your job easier by uncovering the root cause of issues.


  • Simplified Diagnosis
  • Better Patient Compliance
  • Improved Patient Outcomes


Bliss Lifestyle Therapies, LLC can make your job easier by reducing or eliminating patient lifestyle related issues so you can more easily see true medical concerns and get better overall patient outcomes. We’ll take the same care of your patients that you would, and communicate lifestyle treatment plans and concerns the way you’d like.


  • Lab result improvements in as little as 3 weeks
    • Order the labs you’d like through the patients insurance and see the results first as they come in.


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