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Lifestyle Therapy:


Nutrition — Follow-Up

Nutrition — Consult 55m

Nutrition Analysis

Stress Reduction

Brainspotting — initial

Brainspotting (BSP)

Emotion Code

Map Stress Relief

Guided Meditation


Individual Fitness 25m

Individual Fitness 55m

Kinesthetic Analysis

MMA+ — Individual 55m

MMA+ — Individual 25m

Body Work

Massage Therapy 85m

Bowen Therapy 55m

Massage Therapy 55m

Reiki/Energy Work

Massage Therapy 25m

Health Treatments

Turbo Trim

PBM-LED Treatment



Molecular Hydrogen


Members Fitness

Members Cardio Spot 1

Members Cardio Spot 2

Members Fitness Spot 1

Members Fitness Spot 2

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