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Are you prepared to feel GREAT? It’s that time of year!
Bliss Lifestyle Therapies annual “Gift of Health” to you, for the holidays.

NOW is always the best time to think about getting healthy, looking good and feeling great!

Available: NOVEMBER 15th through DECEMBER 31st 2017 ONLY*
pre-purchase services at ONCE A YEAR SAVINGS!

Reserve your gift of health now through December 31st 2017 and
*start anytime between now and January 31st 2018*

So whether you’d like to start now and have support through the holidays, or wait until
after the New Year to start you can save now.

Excess weight is often a symptom of an underlying health issue that’s getting you down. Ever hear the saying, “food is medicine?” Well there is certainly some truth to that considering 80% of weight loss results come from nutrition! Are you tired of feeling sluggish or carrying around extra weight? What if you could have more energy and feel like you were in great shape? Personalized nutrition and exercise programs can make if possible for you to GET the RESULTS YOU DESERVE!

Lose up to 20 lbs in 5 weeks and keep it off!

Enhance your nutrition program, boost your fat burner
and create a great shape by adding exercise, all at a ONCE A YEAR SAVINGS!

$50 off initial test and consult
$50 off 10 personal training sessions
$100 off 5 week weight loss program
$150 off 12 week weight loss program

Give yourself the body you want or give the “Gift of Health” to someone you love.
(gift certificates available)

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