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Bliss Lifestyle Therapies offers health seminars and clinics with the experts.

Learn up-to-date information about health topics to start improving your health and feeling better now.

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Bliss lifestyle Therapies offers a variety of health topics for you to choose from. Any of the following topics can be presented, and many are even offered virtually! 

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Exercise and stress relief
Preventing injuries
Finding joy in movement
Getting started
Taking it to the next level
Basic Mat Pilates (active participation virtual or live)
All about core (lecture or active participation or combo)
Saving your parts (help for backs, hips, knees, and ankles)
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Nutrition and stress relief
Preventing type II diabetes
Avoiding depression through nutrition
The best diets of today
Gut health — creating a happy belly
Supporting your body in a toxic world
The big deal about protein
Healthy eating on the go
Eating for high energy
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Stress Relief:
Exercise and stress relief
Nutrition and stress relief
Meditation and stress relief (can be lecture and/or active)
Stress relief toolbox
Creating a shield from stress
Getting better sleep
Balancing life
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