Fitness Training

Exercise in balance is essential to any Lifestyle Therapy program.

Exercise helps you detoxify, deliver nutrients, create energy, handle stress, reduce inflammation, prevent injury, and is the single greatest anti-depressant and immune system strengthener.

— Tired of random aches and pains?

— Feeling weak?

— Easily injured?

— No energy to do fun things?

Discover your power.

Fitness Training Programs

Kinesthetic Analysis

Any fitness program should start with a Kinesthetic Analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses in movement patterns that contribute to weakness, pain, or chronic injury.

An experienced Fitness Professional trained in functional movement and exercise as a synergistic component of Lifestyle Therapy, will  analyze for structural imbalances to provide recommendations to reduce pain, help prevent injury, and to expedite and increase your exercise efforts, results and performance. Initial Testing & Results includes both nutrition and kinesthetic analysis $269 (90 min – save $25) or do a Kinesthetic analysis only $119 (45 min). A custom fitness program is INCLUDED in any Lifestyle Therapy Program.

Advanced Private Fitness Training

Specializing in the needs of First Responders, we can get anyone fit. Fitness Professionals trained in functional movement, and exercise as a synergistic component of Lifestyle Therapy, will design and coach you through a custom fitness program to get the very best results. (2x weekly INCLUDED in Lifestyle Therapy. OR $79 single session, 5 weeks 2x wk $720 or $148 weekly, $69 ea. when adding more to Lifestyle Therapy or to a nutrition,  BSP or Stress Relief program.)

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Semi-Private Fitness Training provides the benefits of affordable, quality coaching while enjoying the motivation of working with a team of 2 to 4 participants.

A variety of formats are available to help you meet your fitness goals and have fun!

Fitness on the DL

If you want to work out without anyone bothering you and to be able to count on having equipment available so you can focus on getting the job done, then our exclusive membership is for you.

An initial enrollment of $420 includes 5 personal training sessions for safety on our top quality functional movement equipment. *(enrollment fee is WAIVED if you purchase a 5 week personal fitness training package, or any Lifestyle Therapy program (fitness is included), OR if you are an existing personal fitness training client)

Ongoing membership includes:

    • Towel service
    • Fitness professional workout suggestions
    • Your choice of a weight workout on top of the line functional equipment, or a cardio workout on our state of the art cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, or bike).
    • 10% off any education seminars (must align with a paid month, week, or day)
    • Health treatments — Exclusive savings on results boosting health treatments! Just add $5 to any fitness session and add the health treatment of your choice to your schedule.
    • No annual contract.

How it works:

  1. Choose your workout time.
  2. Choose the sessions you want:
      • $9/session billed monthly
      • $15/session billed weekly
      • $18/session drop in (as available)
  3. Enjoy your workout!

Limited Memberships Available!

Contact us for a FREE consult to discuss the best times to meet your needs.

Senior Fit Walking Groups

Walking with friends helps to keep fitness fun! Warm up and get tips from a pro on best form to keep you going and get the most out of your workout.

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