There has always been more good than bad…

Sometimes I email with special offers or fun things going on, but this time I wanted to write something to comfort people, to hopefully inspire and help you keep hope.

It’s been a tough last couple of years for everyone. Everything bad you can think of is up and many good things are down. I’ve seen more people struggling with unprecedented levels of stress than ever before. We’ve had to adapt repeatedly until some of us aren’t even sure who we are or what we are supposed to be doing that is right anymore. Some of us got lucky and made great money, while others were stunned not knowing how to be able to continue to cover monthly bills. Some people have had to change their entire life’s career.

Race issues and health issues have caused deep divisions, sometimes even amongst family members and best of friends. No matter how many we’re in this together  signs were put up, it seems everyone has experienced new levels of feeling isolation.

For these things my heart goes out to each and every person for the things you have endured. I’m so sorry, and wish it were my fault so that I could have the power to change it. There was nothing anyone did to deserve it.

That said, it has been a learning experience for all of us, about ourselves, the world, and so many, many things. I’d like to share a few of the things I’ve learned over time.

  • There are and will always be far more good people than bad ones. Always remember this  and stand together.
  • Regardless the mistakes you may have made, I am truly impressed with how very hard everyone has worked and tried to do their best, even in the worst of circumstances.
  • Human beings are amazingly resilient and resourceful and have the greatest capacity for compassion. I am humbled at the number of people who have tapped into those gifts during these times and helped to lift up their neighbors.
  • Remember who you are. It is not what’s going on outside of us that defines us. It’s not the amount of money you have or the property you own. It’s how you choose to treat others, including yourself, that counts. Be kind to yourself, and your neighbors, which includes anyone around you, to the best of your ability in whatever moment you are in. Even if its a simple nod and smile you offer, it has value. You never know what small act made a big change for someone around you.

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Those of you who know me, know I tend to be logical. You rely on me for health information and I do my best to provide what I believe is the best information, and continue to try to learn and share as I go. I am heartbroken by the fear that many now suffer of others and even themselves.

These are the things I would like to share about health that I hope help to bring you peace:

Native Americans and Other Indigenous Peoples Have it Right ¦

We are a part of nature. For thousands of years we have lived with each other and all of the little creatures of earth, both seen and unseen. We are more one with our environment than we ever realize. For every one human cell that we have there are 10 microbes and we would die without them. It is estimated  that as much as six pounds of a persons body weight is microbes. An estimated 8 to 10% of our own DNA comes from viruses, and 30% from bacteria.

  • While hand washing is good, please don’t harm yourself or our environment by over using anti-bacterial soaps, hand sanitizers and cleaning chemicals. Just like people, there are more   good  microbes than bad ones. Most of the removal of excess microbes in hand washing comes from rubbing the hands under running water and not from the soap.  It’s all about balance.
  • Oxygen is good. When it’s diminished we suffer and without it we die. The CO2 in an exhale  is a waste product our body releases because we have too much and the plants need it.  Don’t be afraid of your own breath. The only way you could have stopped breathing any of these smaller than microscopic particles around was if the masks were airtight, in which case you may as well have put a pillow over your face and suffocated to death. There has been so much fear that there has been little talk about the detriments of prolonged mask wearing. By now you should have a good idea about that even just from your own experience. In the office I watched peoples oxygen saturation levels in their body drop with a mask on and raise with it off. Although we’ve been masked, the reality is that we’ve still been sharing some air microbes and with healthy people, thats all good. You’re sharing healthy things. It’s ok to let them see your smile. 🙂


Everything in Nature Serves a Purpose ¦

All microbes exist in the world because they have a job. Even from the exact same microbe, not everyone gets sick. Identical twins can both be exposed to the same microbe and only one of them gets sick. Why? This is a question that deserves more detailed research, but what we have so far is that something is different about the inner or outer environment between the two individuals, and all things need to be in balance.

Take candida for example, often better known as yeast. We all have it in our systems, but it isn’t until we get a massive overgrowth of it that we get an infection (athletes foot, vaginal yeast infection, skin infection).

The microbes that typically are not found in large numbers in a healthy human has to do with the fact that the person is healthy, and it’s  not  an optimal environment for disease causing  microbes to live in.

The microbes that get us sick or are considered   bad  typically are just part of mother natures   clean up crew”. The more our body starts to look like a toxic, decaying dump from bad food and neglect, the more likely we are to become an environment that is favorable for the   clean up crew  to thrive, and then we get sick. We have more research to do to learn whats going on when theres an  exception, but for a healthy person to get really sick is definitely the exception and  not the rule.

Of course, it boils down to lifestyle ¦ that’s why I do what I do. 🙂  Todays top killers are STILL lifestyle related diseases: heart disease, certain cancers, type II diabetes ¦ and not any microbe related illnesses. Who have been the people at higher risk for microbe related illnesses? Everyone with lifestyle related diseases. Interesting, eh?

  • Eat healthy, organic foods in balance, avoid chemicals, artificial colors and contaminants that can pollute your body and attract disease.
  • EXERCISE, the human body is designed to move! Exercise is an important part of what helps to get nutrients from your diet transported to every little cell. Exercise helps with favorable mood and hormone production and increases the body’s ability to create more immune cells and detoxify.
  • Find stress relief. A little stress can be healthy and promote positive change. Too much stress can shut down systems for too long, increasing acidity (inviting new members of the   clean up crew ), impairing your immune system, digestion, hormone balance,  and it simply just makes your life miserable. Exercise and nutrition support your body’s ability to handle stress, but sometimes there’s just too much and you need to find a way to relieve it.  If you are overwhelmed and need help, reach out to people who care get what you need so you can bounce back. Bliss has the most advanced  stress relief  available that I know of. We are here for you!


Trust Your Body and Your Gut

There are so many different sources of information and no one has time to read them all. Some are integrous and some are not. Even with the best of integrity, we are learning more all the time! Sometimes we are simply learning scientific reasons for things we already knew. Further, while we share many commonalities, we are also each unique, and there isn’t always a hard line for what is good for one person being good for another. Whenever you hear something new, or try something out, ask your body in its infinite wisdom,   is this good for me? . Listen, and it will tell you. How many times have you ignored that   feeling in your gut  and wished later that you would have listened? No doctor or scientist has ever researched, practiced, or went to school as long as you have been in your body. Take care of your body, listen to your body, and trust that it knows what’s good.

I hope that you found some helpful food for thought and relief in this article. I am proud of each of you survivors! I believe in miracles, that the human body is amazing, and that the human will is almost magical. Continue the good work and know that I would love to support you in your health journey anytime.

~ Sydney