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On the days you’re not feeling it and having trouble getting started, remember how good you felt last time you finished your workout, and take it one rep at a time.

Know that on days everything feels harder but you can’t seem to do as many reps or lift as much weight, it’s still working and you do get extra points.

If you eat healthy foods long enough (at least two weeks) they magically start to taste way better than the junk foods.

Just because someone else is eating some junk food or sugary thing that you think you want, doesn’t mean they don’t pay a price for it. Remind your self how much that will cost you before you indulge, or feel sorry for yourself for not having it. (You might realize you are LUCKY to do without it!)

Start new health habits in a way that’s DOABLE by simply building the habit. Once the habit is there, it’s easy to make it grow.

It’s so much easier to maintain your strength, endurance, flexibility or health

than to start over.

Remember, when you have your health, no matter what you are facing it makes everything a little better.

If you haven’t been so healthy, now is always a good time to start. We’d love to teach you the secrets to feeling great through Lifestyle Therapy.