Uh Oh…

You’ve been exposed or you are coming down with something. What should you do? 

It’s funny we always know what to do for someone else, but when we are feeling terrible, all we can think of is that we feel terrible.

People always. ask me what to do when they are sick and it’s TOO LATE!

So, I’m writing, hopefully ahead of time for you so that you can be prepared.

First, let me tell you that your immune system is amazing. It will do incredible things for you if you take care of your body. I’ll list the preventative things to keep your immune system strong. Then I’ll list what to do when you know you’ve been exposed or with the best of intentions, you just got sick.


  1. Exercise is the single greatest strengthener of the immune system. It helps to pump needed nutrients, and immune regulating factors into every tiny cell in the body. It. also creates an increase in your core temperature that is needed to make more immune system cells and strengthens your circulatory system.
  2. Nutrition in balance is important! Certain nutrients that the immune system needs also get used in other processes. If you don’t have enough then you cannot fight infection. If you have too much, it becomes toxic and that’s a different problem that attracts different kinds of diseases.A base level of C, zinc, glutathione, N-acetyl cysteine, K+D (preferably from the sun), and probiotics are all important. Keeping garbage out is also important. The more we look like a garbage dump inside, the more likely we are to attract sickness.
  3. Reduce stress by getting adequate sleep, taking time outs as needed, meditation and any other way that you can find to do it. Repeated lack of sleep is a physiological stress that has been know to weaken the immune system.
  4. Stay hydrated. In our body’s things are all transported by “river”, aka via the blood. If you don’t have enough water it’s like trying to ship things by boat in a dry creek bed. need enough water for sufficient blood pressure and fluidity to effectively deliver nutrients or get waste products out.
  5. Health treatments like microcirculation, thermotherapy and PBM-NIR can help to keep the body healthy and the immune system at its peak.
  6. Peptides are more expensive and harder to find, but thymosin-beta is an injectable peptide that has been shown to strengthen the thymus, which is a gland involved in immune cell production.
  7. Wash your hands, especially before you touch your food or your face.
Emergency Protocol
If you know you’ve been exposed or you are getting the first symptoms of getting sick there are some things you can do to either ward it off right away or lessen the intensity and duration of the illness. Please consult your doctor for any serious symptoms. Seasonal allergies do not come with a fever and get better when you are away from what you are allergic to, i.e. if you take a hot shower, or if you’re out of town for the day and you notice your symptoms are gone, the protocol is different than if you are sick. When you are getting sick and experiencing body aches, fever, runny nose, scratchy throat types of symptoms here are the things you can do to work with your body:
  1. Allow yourself to get a fever. As long as your fever is below 106 degrees F, it should be safe for your brain and it will help you get better much faster. A fever requires a specific balance of glutathione. This is a substance normally known to be used by the liver for detoxification, but obviously it does other things too. N-acetyl cysteine, along with a few other components, is necessary to help your body make glutathione. Most of us tend to have too little glutathione. With too little or too much you will not be able to create a fever. Taking NSAIDS like IB profin, aspirin, or acetaminophen do not regulate fever. They shut the fever system down for an extended time and should only be used if the fever is getting too high or excessive inflammation requires it.
  2. Sleep as much as you can to give your body the energy it needs to take care of business.
  3. Hydrate. We use two liters of water per day in normal respiration and body processes. You don’t want to drown yourself, but getting the minimum two liters plus another one-half to one more liter is helpful.
  4. Boosting immune nutrients — if you have been exposed or are having first symptoms the following protocol may be helpful and typically will only be needed for about four days. If you are sick, you can do this for up to two days after your last symptoms to reduce the intensity and duration of illness:
    • Buffered Vitamin C can be taken 500 to 1000 mg every four hours. If you have A LOT for your body you can get loose stool. If that happens, take less. Vitamin C increases immune activity for about four hours so taking every four hours is recommended to keep immune activity up.
    • Zinc is used in so many functions of the body and certainly for the immune system. The toxicity level for zinc is 120 mg total, including from your diet. 8.5 out of 10 people test low for zinc. Zinc does react with stomach acid and can cause upset stomach if eaten without food so remember to have a snack! When sick you can increase zinc intake to 80 mg or more if you are not eating much. Its best to have combination of some orally (usually only 20 to 40 mg at a time), with food, and some topically. A zinc throat spray or lozenge will hinder viruses or bacteria from being able to attach to the cells in your throat and can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and swallowing in order to boost systemic zinc.
    • Immunoglobulins are what our immune system makes to glob onto and dissolve foreign invaders. You can actually get these in a bottle now as a supplement. This will help your body with resources to defend itself.
    • Beta Glucan is the active ingredient in immune enhancing mushrooms and has been shown to increase and maintain immune function far better than ecinacrhea, goldenseal, or even mushrooms alone. 500 mg one to two times daily can be very beneficial.
    • Probiotics — never underestimate the power of good guys no matter how small! Probiotics are happy in a healthy body and they will help fight off bacteria or viruses that do not belong. There are several strains that are known to help the immune system. Many are now antibiotic resistant, just like some of the bad guys so probiotics can really level the playing field.
    • K2 + D3 are synergistic nutrients that are also used by the immune system, and especially when fighting viruses. For a short time during illness most people can benefit from as much as 8,000 to 10,000 units of vitamin D.
    • CBD/Hemp oil can be used by the body to boost the immune system in general but observations suggest, particularly to fight viruses.
  5. Exercise — If you are feeling up to it a light walk can help pump the immune nutrients around and help. If you are just not up to it, respect your body and rest.
This is the “call out the calvary” list that acts like a secret weapon and has helped me to ward off illness again and again.
Good News!

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