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WARNING: Contains Artificial Sweeteners…

When excess carbohydrate and sugar consumption were linked to type II diabetes and other health damage, it created a demand for artificial sweeteners to satisfy the addicted public and sustain the sugar industry. Companies could tout “low sugar” or “zero calories” while still providing a sweet flavor, keeping sales for sweet foods up and successfully misdirecting the public. 

There was little to no public knowledge of any of the dangers of artificial sweeteners. They seemed like the better option to the pangs of doing without the sweetness that the public had become “hooked” on. 

The fact that sweetened beverages account for an estimated 341 calories from beverages per day in an adults diet, and 313 calories per day for a child, and that sales have continued to rise from $314.4 million in 2013 to $414.8 million in 2021, shows that the sugar industry has successfully hidden evidence of the addictive and damaging nature of sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

CDC Corruption

Unfortunately, with so much money being made from sweetened foods and beverages, even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fails to advise Americans to ditch sweetened beverages to avoid chronic disease. Former CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald received $1 million in funding from Coca-Cola  purportedly to combat childhood obesity during her six-year stint as commissioner of Georgia’s public health department. Rather than tell people the truth about the damaging effects of soda, she promoted “alternative” facts about soda.

One of those “alternative” facts is that soda and junk food are not responsible for obesity. The caveat that should be added is that the only way they don’t cause obesity is if you don’t eat them. Statistics in 2016 show 39.6% of American adults were obese and by 2021 that number reached 42%. The American Obesity Association expects this trend to continue and predicts 50% of people will be obese by 2025 and 60% by 2030. 

Artificially sweetened products are advertised as “healthier” than sugar which is simply false. Artificial sweeteners cause just as many, if not more, health problems than sugar. Whats worse is not only do they NOT help with weight loss, they actually promote weight GAIN and multiple health problems including cancer.

A 7.8 year study by a team of scientists from the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research and Sorbonne Paris Nord University in France including 102,865 adults, was adjusted for multiple factors known to affect cancer diagnosis, and still showed that individuals who consumed the highest levels of artificial sweeteners had a higher overall risk of cancer. The highest risk was for breast and obesity related cancers.

So if you are eating a “low-carb” diet that contains artificial sweeteners, you may not be doing any favors for your health. Foods from ketchup to Thomas’ Whole Grain English Muffins, and even Pedialyte — a common children’s electrolyte drink to help with vomiting and diarrhea, contain artificial sweeteners. Pretty much any food that says “lite”, “light”, “low-calorie”, “low-carb” comes with artificial sweetener. Even non-diet foods like microwave kettle popcorn, regular ginger ale, chewing gum, toasted coconut almonds, Greek yogurt, granola, salad dressing, etc. often contain artificial sweeteners. In fact unless you are carefully reading the labels on any processed food you purchase, including bread, you’re likely getting artificial sweetener. Wow.

So lets sum this up:

Sweeteners Health Harm Facts


The message is simple… Avoid added refined sugar and sweeteners, and ANY kind of artificial sweetener.

They are making us fatter and more sick. 

Sugar withdrawals only take three days. We can do this! Here are some basic tips to help long-term:

      • Stick to simply made foods containing whole, real ingredients. 

      • If using a sweetener use minimally processed real food such as fruit, raw cane sugar (sparingly), organic maple syrup (sparingly)

      • KEEP TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES (vs “net” carbs”) AT LESS THAN 40 GRAMS at one time to avoid the repeated insulin spike that leads to type II diabetes and a host of other problems.

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