The Nutrition Club

Don’t  waste time and money or make yourself sick with supplements you don’t  need.

How many times have you wasted time and money trying supplements because someone famous suggested it or all the marketing sounded good, but in the end it wasn’t right for you?

Taking supplements you don’t need can be toxic, making you sick instead of healthy.

Save time by skipping wasted weeks or months of guessing and trying things you don’t need.

Save money by only buying the supplements that your body needs.

 Save an average of 40% per month — 

Your body’s needs change and your supplements should too.

Everyone has a unique genetic make-up, personality, and environment. You need the right foundation nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time. 

Instead of asking the cashier, the stocker on the vitamin aisle at the health food store, or doing a google search for hours on end… why not just ask an expert?

While we encourage you to improve your diet and exercise habits, some people just aren’t ready for that and others feel like they are already doing okay and just need a few supplements… but which ones?

If you want to start feeling better but aren’t ready to make big changes, or if you just want a little help maintaining, the Nutrition Club is just right for you!

An expert will review your current health symptoms and health history to provide supplement recommendations for you within 48 business hours.

People tend to spend 40% less per month
by simply finding out what they really need.

Option 1: Get a one-time custom supplement recommendation whenever you like for only $39.00, (no Nutrition Club membership needed).

Option 2: Join the Nutrition Club to get unlimited custom nutrition recommendations for a full year, $50 off an in-person comprehensive initial testing & results (reg. $269)and get notices for exclusive sales on nutrition supplements to save even more throughout the year. Only $224 for the entire year (equals only $20/month).


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