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Sydney is an athlete first and a health nerd second. She started running three miles a day for fun, at age 12 and studying nutrition by age 14. It did not take long to realize that health could be a career and not just something to do for fun.

Sydney began teaching exercise in 1987. Recognizing that nutrition was often a missing link to people’s success, she added nutrition consulting to her services by 1997.

Stress reduction was the final and most elusive element that undermines people’s best efforts. While Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was helpful and integrated into nutrition and exercise programs, it was just not strong enough alone to combat the intense stress that people experience in today’s world.

Eventually Brainspotting was discovered by David Grand PHD, and Sydney quickly recognized this as the powerful tool that was needed to make the stress reduction component of lifestyle just as strong as the exercise and nutrition components. An estimated 70% of obese people suffer from childhood trauma, making brainspotting and stress reduction essential elements to long-term weight loss success. 

In order to deliver this key element of support that people need  to reduce stress and create powerful change, Sydney has achieved certification as a Brainspotting Clinician, with advanced training, specializing in weight loss, athletic or career achievement, and trauma — specifically adults with childhood trauma and first responders..

Sydney has also achieved 10 different fitness certifications: Aerobics, Step, Cycle, Body Pump, Kick Boxing, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, Special Populations, Resistance Training, and Personal Training. She is a certified ski instructor, and has three nutrition certifications, in addition to her college degrees in Kinesiology-AA, Biology-AS, Nutrition-AS, Math & Science-AA, and Health. Science-BS. Each of these components were needed for Sydney to be the effective Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner that she is today.

Personal experiences help Sydney to relate to others and understand how to help them. She enjoys a variety of activities including: mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, wake boarding, running, hiking, backpacking, camping and is interested in learning to kite board. Being so active, she has experienced her fair share of injuries and knows what it takes to recover.

Sydney has had the joy and privilege to work with a variety of populations of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as those with special differences such as blindness, dwarfism, hearing impaired, TBI survivors and more. There is always something for everyone to help them reach their health goals! She has studied the most popular nutrition approaches and has a unique understanding of the complexities of nutrition combined with energy and performance, in balance with stress reduction.

Most people don’t know that diseases like hear disease, certain cancers and type II diabetes can be completely reversed through lifestyle therapy, so something needed to be done, and thus the hyper-wellness center, Bliss Lifestyle Therapies, was established.

Combining the most successful techniques with experience, Sydney has developed a unique, targeted, approach to “Lifestyle Therapy”, that gets dramatic results to help provide the strong foundation for the quality of life and happiness that we all deserve. 

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