Half-day Health Retreat

Lifestyle Therapy, nature, stress relief

Start your new year with lunch, and learn how to leave stress in the dust. 

Staying healthy is the best way to feel great so you can enjoy every minute you want to, and get through the ones you don’t.

Stress can be the most elusive component of healthy lifestyle. Let us help you desimate it.

JOIN US: Saturday 1/20/2024 — 11 am to 3 pm 

@ 2377 Gold Meadow Way Suite 270

☮︎nly $149 ea

Enjoy lunch and a fun filled day of learning the best stress busters, including an in-depth look at meditation.

Unlock the mysteries of stress — learn the complex role exercise and nutrition play in stress relief, and the top tools for effective, regular, and prolonged stress relief with health expert Sydney Brahm.

Legal expert Jenny Barei, shares how to prevent common legal challenges, and details on meditation from time shared with Buddhist monks of Prague.

Together they will lead you on an exploration of various meditation techniques that you can add to your stress relief arsenal.

Health expert Sydney Brahm and legal expert Jenny Barei, team up to help you smile, find balance, and succeed.

Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner

Sydney Brahm

Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner

Kinesiology | Nutrition | Biology | BSP | HS-CHES

Over 20 years of experience helping people get healthy through the components of lifestyle: exercise, nutrition, and stress relief. Through the skilled combining of these components, Sydney creates a powerful synergy that helps people achieve peak health, prevent or overcome lifestyle related diseases, and learn how to feel great!

Jenny Barei 

Legal Documents Assistant

Over 20 years of experience providing people with the superior care and expertise they deserve, to prevent and/or relieve stress from a broad variety of legal issues and associated documents.

Legalalities are an important part of self-care made easy to understand through Jenny’s ability to break things down with compassion and humor.

No pressure but… Space is limited and we’d love to see you!

Lifestyle Therapy, holistic health, health is happiness

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