Safety is Priority


Safety is Priority

We understand that maintaining your health is important! The most important defense against illness and disease is a strong immune system created through a healthy lifestyle. We are here to continue the necessary health services to help you support your health through the healthiest lifestyle possible, and we have several safety measures put in place for the health and safety of yourself and staff:


  • Office hours are by appointment only scheduled to accommodate an optimal number of people onsite at one time.
  • Health screening — Staff/client temperature and oxygen saturation is checked for normalcy prior to each shift/appointment. Optimal temperature is 98.6, normal is 97.6 to 99.1. Optimal oxygen saturation is 98-100, normal is 94 to 100. If your oxygen saturation is 90 or below you could possibly be anemic, or have some other health condition so we will suggest a nutrition appointment and/or that you check with your primary healthcare provider. 
  • It is unlikely that you have ever gotten sick from a healthy person.
  • A licensed medical professional is the only person qualified to perform the necessary, and appropriate, cardio-respiratory tests  to determine mask safety and give the medical advice to wear a mask.
  • Practicing medicine without a license and without performing proper individual testing is an offense punishable by law. 
  • There is no law in California that requires anyone to wear a mask. Guidelines or suggestions are not laws.
  • Due to various known risks of mask wearing to the cardio-respiratory system, neurological, immune and general organ systems associated with mask wearing, ie: reduced oxygen flow, increased carbon dioxide, increased incidence of headaches, potential mask fiber and detergent/chemical inhalation, promotion of bacteria imbalance (acne, etc), increased incidence of illness etc, etc, masks are not required. **It is important to remember that a virus cannot be contained by a mask, and that mask wearing creates an environment where viruses may potentially be more easily aerosolized. Further, masks can block larger particles which can be beneficial on the outside, like smoke, dust or pollens, but particles trapped on the inside of a mask may lead to other types of illnesses. It is not “polite” to wear a mask if it is making you sick, it’s silly.
  • In accordance with HIPPA laws, whether you are wearing a mask or not we will not ask why. However, if you are wearing a mask and show signs of hypoxia, or are participating in physical exercise, we may ask that you remove the mask for your safety.
  • We love to see your smile, but if you are not feeling well it is your body’s way of telling you that rest is needed, so please stay home if that is the case, and we look forward to seeing you as soon as you’re up to it.
  • As always, touch-less water, soap, and paper towel dispensers are available, hand washing is encouraged, and surfaces and door handles are cleaned regularly.

Please contact us if you have any more detailed questions, concerns or need any special accommodations. We are happy to help.


Fitness Training
Non-latex gloves are available for your use during fitness appointments, for now and through the indefinite future, so you never actually have to touch a machine. Mats and balls etc. are cleaned after every client. The number of client/trainer pairs allowed in the fitness area at one time is limited, and everyone in the space has passed the health screening. As always, clean towels are available for your use. Virtual fitness appointments are also available. Click on “virtual services” for more information.
Chiropractic appointments are available. The doctor and yourself will have passed the heath screening. Treatments are provided in a room separated from the rest of the facility.
Body Work
All body work appointments are available. (massage therapy, Bowen work, energy work) The therapist and yourself will have passed the heath screening. Treatments are provided in a room separated from the rest of the facility.
Nutrition, Brainspotting, Guided Meditation
Appointments are available. The specialist and yourself will have passed the heath screening. Services are provided in a room separated from the rest of the facility. Virtual appointments are available. Click on “virtual services” for more information.
Health Treatments
Health treatments are available.  All participants have a health screening before their appointment, and we clean surfaces and place a clean towel over the treatment table or chair prior to each person.


We look forward to helping you reach and maintain your health goals!