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Each file will open in a new tab. Print each of the forms listed under the title of the type of appointment you are having.

 Please let use know if you have any quesitons!

* Once you have downloaded your form(s), print and complete at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, and simply bring with you at the time of your appointment.*

Initial Testing & Consult

Health Appraisal Questionnaire — Use this form for an initial appointmet or if your practitioner has requested a follow-up test.

Health & Fitness Info

ACE & Resilience

Pre-Test Instructions

Initial Body Work* or Chiropractic Appointment

(*Body Work referrs to any type of massage therapy, Bowen therapy, Energy work, etc.)

Body Work & Chiropractic Intake Form

ACE & Resilience

Initial Fitness Assessment

Health & Fitness Info

ACE & Resilience

Initial Brain Spotting or Stress Reduction Session

 ACE & Resilience

Turbo Trim (PBM-LED)

Health & Fitness Info

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