Making LifeStyle Changes | Research outcomes repeatedly show that lifestyle therapy is the number one best treatment for type II diabetes and a host of other conditions.

Engineer-Psychologist Duncan Riach, Ph.D. in his article, “You don’t need therapy, You need lifestyle” talks about how exercise and stress reduction can cure depression and anxiety, and that he refuses to see any patient that isn’t exercising and meditating to reduce stress daily.

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The book Lifestyle Medicine discusses lifestyle therapy as medicine for obesity and successful sustained, healthy weight maintenance. In addition to depression, obesity, and even prostate cancer multiple research articles also reference strong positive outcomes using lifestyle therapy for treating cardiovascular disease, and equally, if not more so, for type II diabetes.

This is all really important and great, but unless you read the research and understand all the medical jargon, you still would have no idea what exactly “lifestyle therapy” is all about.

Lifestyle therapy is made up of three simple, yet powerful components that when combined together create incredible health results. These components are often taken for granted because we recognize them individually, but that’s where we make a mistake. The components of exercise, nutrition and stress reduction are intricately linked together and when we separate them, we only get a fraction of the results.

How many times has your doctor told you that you need to get a gym membership or exercise? How did that work for you? Typically not very well.

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Gyms make decent money on memberships that are never used. Your doctor is not an expert on exercise unless he is a physical therapist. If he is a physical therapist, and your physical therapist is not a nutritionist, nor an expert in stress reduction. Never the less, your insurance would typically limit you to five to eight physical therapy visits for acute care for pain and mobility, which is very different from lifestyle, or even just plain exercise. If you did go to they gym and worked out, or even hired a personal trainer, did that fix everything? No, but it was a great start and I guarantee it helped.

Unfortunately we can all very easily, very quickly eat to ruin the best workout and what we eat affects our physical activity performance, energy levels, ability to recover, and our ability to handle stress. Your doctor may have also told you that you need to eat healthy, but what exactly is “eating healthy” and what is eating healthy for you personally with your specific health needs?

Stress reduction, lifestyle therapy, brainspotting, Bsp The icing on the cake is when you hear that “you need to manage your stress”. This is so vague, it just adds the stress of one more thing to have to do on your already long list.

Did they give you an actual solution? Did anyone tie in how stress affects your
activity levels and performance or your nutrition, and what to do about that?

Your personal trainer likely came closer to helping you understand the food-exercise connection than your physician did, but my guess is neither effectively addressed the level of your stress. Lifestyle therapy is not just exercise, or nutrition or stress reduction. It’s exercise, and nutrition and stress reduction together. While the percentages of each of these vary for each individual, the fact remains that if you separate out any component, you are only getting a fraction of the results.

With the best of intentions, as long as insurance doesn’t cover it, and pharmaceutical companies don’t make any money from it, the medical profession isn’t going to be 100 percent clear on exactly what lifestyle therapy is and being unclear, there is no way they can effectively communicate or deliver that to you.

What you deserve to know, is that through lifestyle therapy people get off cholesterol and blood pressure medications, people with depression get happy and start knocking out life goals, certain cancers can be prevented, obesity can be beat, and type II diabetics may improve vision by two or more eyeglass prescriptions, prevent amputation, heal their lesions and get “type II diabetes” removed from their medical chart.

You deserve to know lifestyle therapy exists and it can make you feel better, happier and more free than you have in years or maybe even ever. The choices are yours, choose wisely.