Sydney Brahm
CEO & Founder, Fitness Professional, Nutrition Consultant, Brainspotting Clinician

Sydney Brahm is an athlete, certified fitness professional, certified nutrition consultant, certified brainspotting clinician. She is the mother of two wonderful boys and currently has one granddaughter. Sydney enjoys many sports such as running, biking, kayaking, hiking, wake boarding, stand up paddle boarding, snowboarding, skiing, and kite boarding. With an active lifestyle, Sydney has suffered her fair share of injuries and understands the process of recovery and the importance of good health care and nutrition for this, sports performance and just everyday quality of life.

Sydney was always an active child, climbing trees and running three miles a day “for fun” by age 12 so it was natural when she began teaching exercise in 1987. Recognizing that nutrition was often the missing link to people’s success, she added nutrition consulting to her services by 1997, followed other modalities like brainspotting, to assist with the stress reduction component of health. She has achieved 10 different fitness certifications, 3 nutrition certifications, and 3 brainspotting certifications, in addition to her college education with degrees Kinesiology, Nutrition, Biology and soon Health Science.

Sydney has over 15 years of post-rehab experience through working with chiropractic patients and has taught exercise and nutrition to a variety of populations including those with differences such as the blind, dwarfism, hearing impaired, TBI etc. She has studied the most popular nutrition approaches and has a unique understanding of the complexities of nutrition combined with energy and performance. Combining the most successful techniques with her experience, Sydney has developed a unique, targeted approach to health that gets dramatic results. Sydney enjoys helping others to achieve good health and success. She believes that having good health is the direct link and foundation between quality of life and happiness.