Virtual Services

While some services require in person attention, for your convenience, many services can be performed by phone or computer. Bliss Lifestyle Therapies has unique, synergistic programs delivered by experienced professionals. We want to help support you in acheiving your health goals in every possible way!

See if You Qualify for Virtual Services:

Virtual Services for each component of Lifestyle Therapy

Fitness Training for an active lifestyle

Personal Training: Do virtual, live one-on-one training with a fitness professional from nearly anywhere! Bliss Lifestyle Therapies offers Fit-Kit options for equipment to create an effective workout you can count on.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Some formats, such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Mat Pilates, cardio kickboxing and more, are offered via virtual small group training sessions (maximum of 4 participants) where a fitness professional leads and coaches each of you, providing a higher level of coaching similar to personal training while sharing cost for affordability.

Enjoy the benefits of affordable, quality coaching while working out with a team from nearly anywhere!

Ready to get fit?
Power tools for your workouts:

Fit-Kit 1

  • Resistance Tubing (3 levels)
  • Body Ball*
  • Sponge Ball*
  • Exercise Mat
  • Gliders

Fit-Kit 2

  • TRX
  • Resistance Tubing (3 levels)
  • Body Ball*
  • Sponge Ball*
  • Exercise Mat
  • Gliders

*holder included.

Optional Add-Ons: chin-up bar, walker, Selfie Stand, step/bench

Nutrition Consulting

Experts work with you virtually to design custom nutrition programs, progression and continued support, to help you reach your health goals and see dramatic long-term results!

Stress Reduction

stress reductionWhile exercise and nutrition can help your body cope with stress, live-virtual services such as brainspotting and guided meditation can be powerful tools to actually help reduce stress!

While brainspotting is always one-on-one with a clinician, guided meditation can be either personalized to an individual, or done in a small group setting of up to 4 participants.

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