Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

As you probably know, stress can block progress, diminish results, lead to weight gain, headaches, frequent illness, and even heart disease. 

Exercise and nutrition support your body’s ability to cope with stress, but did you know the wrong exercise or nutrition program can make stress worse?

To reduce stress you need the right exercise, the right nutrition, and to directly address stress.

Tired of being told you need to “manage stress”, without being told how? Or the answer they give you is simply to have a more positive attitude?

Bliss offers real solutions to stress reduction for real life.

Stress Reduction Services


Brainspotting (BSP) is a powerful tool using the optic nerve via eye position to access the midbrain for focused stress reduction, intense healing and positive change. Because the midbrain is the master computer, and master library of the body, BSP can be used to help with pretty much anything!  Sports injuries, preparing for surgery, performance, physical or emotional trauma, solving a tough business problem, developing a new skill, trouble sleeping, you name it, brainspotting can help you find solutions, relief, and excel at what you want to.

Nidra Yoga Meditation

Nidra Yoga Meditation aka “sleep yoga” is a style of meditation to help reduce stress and improve ones quality of sleep. Lack of sleep alone can add to the body’s stress levels and make everything else you have to deal with harder. Quality sleep is an important component to health.

Guided Meditation

Leads you step-by-step to a relaxed state to help reduce stress, improve ones control of brainwave state, identify goals, and rejuvenate. Improving your ability to control your brainwaves can help you to control how you feel and reduce the impact of stressors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Consciously identifing problematic areas and areas of success, while identifing the steps to achieve improvement and increase success are necessary pieces to making change and reducing stress. CBT is integrated into nutrition and personal training programs and as needed, your practitoner will spend dedicated time to brainstorm and support cognitive behavioral changes to help you succeed.

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