Bliss Lifestyle Therapies, LLC specializes in effective Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC)
programs to make your job easier.

Simplified Diagnosis:

TLC programs are the first line of defense for good health. When symptoms of excess weight, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and stress diminish or disappear, it is much easier to see what a patients true medical issues are.

This allows the practitioner to quickly provide diagnosis, expediting treatment, building patient trust and saving time and money in unnecessary testing and prescriptions for lifestyle related issues.

Better Patient Compliance:

Lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming to a patient and be difficult for a practitioner to effectively communicate with traditional time constraints.

Bliss programs are created to make lifestyle changes as easy and painless as possible for patients expediting results, building trust and dramatically improving patient compliance rates. Resulting in greater patient/practitioner success.

Improved Patient Outcome:

As a patients lifestyle improves, their health often improves dramatically. Discomfort from symptoms and need for medication reduces or is eliminated completely. As a result, practitioners are able to:

  • focus on more serious health concerns
  • deliver more enhanced procedures
  • focus treatment
  • get maximum results

Refer a Patient to make your job easier and help you get better overall patient results. We’ll take the same care of your patients that you would, and communicate lifestyle treatment plans and concerns the way you’d like.

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