Fitness Training

Fitness is essential to any Lifestyle Therapy program. Exercise helps you detoxify, deliver nutrients, create energy, handle stress, and is the single greatest antidepressant and immune system strengthener.

Customized personal training and small-group training programs that compliment your nutrition and stress recudtion are designed and delivered by experts for optimal performance, injury prevention, fun and to get you results!

Fitness Training Programs

Private Fitness Training as a component of Lifestyle Therapy:

Exercise either helps or hurts stress reduction, and will help deliver nutrients or toxins from your diet.

Tired of repeated injuries and pain? Does your back always seem to be going out? Do your knees or shoulders hurt? Are you working hard with little to no results?

Imbalanced daily movement patters, poor exercise form, poor nutrition or an exercise routine that does not account for your stress levels can make you prone to inuries and pain.

A Fitness Profesional who is trained in reconizing and working with Lifestyle Therapy components can help you prevent injury and expedite progress.

Personal Fitness programs designed to work with nutrition and stress reduction factors for increased effect, provide individual structural analysis, program design, and progressive program updates with expert coaching to get targeted results, safely.

Expedite your success in preventing injury, injury recovery, increasing mobility, strength, and endurance with expert coaching.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Semi-Private Fitness Training provides the benefits of affordable, quality coaching while enjoying the motivation of working with a team of 2 to 4 participants.

A variety of formats are available to help you meet your fitness goals and have fun!

          • Mat Pilates – a combo of stretch and strength that improves core, balance, and flexibility while encouraging a lean physique that supports all other sports
          • Burn – a wildcard workout with calorie burning formats like H.I.I.T, Boot Camp, and Kick Boxing.
          • Yoga – increase flexibility and body awareness through static postures and breathing
          • Guided Meditation – calm the nervous system and tune in to relaxing and creative brainwaves to relieve stress and access creativity and success.
          • Tai Chi – a series of systematic postures that flow together without pause, keeping your body in constant motion. Tai Chi can improve circulation, balance, flexibility, alignment, and can help restore your energy, called chi or qi (pronounced chee).
          • MMA & Self Defense – protect yourself and loved ones! Learn how to effectively kick, punch, block and evade physical confrontation from an assailant without harming yourself, using mixed marital arts (MMA), Jeet Kune Do, and self-defense techniques.

Executive Fitness

Fitness is important to mental clarity and the energy needed for high demand executive positions. On a busy schedule executives need the ability to count on having equipment available when they need it in a low profile environment so they can execute their workout and get back to business.

Weight and cardio areas are reserved by appointment in limited numbers for a nominal fee so executives can get their unique needs met.

Top quality funtional equipment requires a basic knowledge of proper body movement. For safety, an initial enrollment of $420 includes 5 personal training session. Ongoing participaiton includes:

    • Towel service
    • Fitness professional created workout suggestions
    • Health treatments — 1 per fit session
    • No annual contract.

How it works:

    • Choose your workout hour M-F 11 am, 12 pm, or 1 pm
    • Choose the number of times per week:
      • $22/session billed monthly
      • $28/session drop in (as available)
    • Monthly billing starts in month 2.

Limited to 6 executives per hour

Contact us for a FREE consult to discuss the best times to meet your needs.

Senior Fit Walking Groups

Walk with friends to improve your health helps to keep fitness fun! Get tips from a pro on best form to keep you going and get the most out of your time.

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