Fitness Training

Fitness is essential to lifestyle. Exercise helps you detoxify, deliver nutrients, create energy, and is the single greatest antidepressant and immune system strengthener. Customized personal training and small-group training programs are designed and delivered by experts for optimal performance, injury prevention, fun and to get you results!

Fitness Training Programs

Private Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training provides individual structural analysis, program design, and progressive program updates with expert coaching to get targeted results. Designed to work with nutrition and stress reduction factors for increased effect. Expedite your success in increasing mobility, injury recovery, strength, and endurance.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Semi-Private Fitness Training provides the benefits of affordable, quality coaching while enjoying the motivation of working with a team of 2 to 4 participants.

Senior Fit Walking Groups

Walk along the beautiful American River Bike Trail from right outside our front door to improve your health with friends!

VO2 Max Testing and Analysis

Optimize performance, improve fat burning and increase your oxygen utilization with VO2 Max testing, analysis and expert coaching. You’ll learn your real-time metabolic rate (calorie burning), breathing efficiency, and fat burning efficiency to set goals with an expert for optimacy.

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