Corporate Wellness

Most companies SAVE an average of three times the money they spend for corporate wellness.

Healthy employees:

  • Spend less on medical care.
  • Use less sick days
  • Are more productive
  • Make less errors
  • Are less likely to be injured
  • Are just happier

Research shows most people can make dramatic health improvements by actively participating in just 12 weeks of therapeutic lifestyle changes.

Bliss Lifestyle Therapies provides:

  • Educational Health Seminars
  • Quality Health Coaching and Services
  • Health Treatments that Enhance Results
  • A Variety of Programs, including 12 week, to serve individual needs.

Most services and treatments can be done during a lunch hour. Health treatments and semi-private fitness can be both beneficial and team building as Bliss can accommodate up to 5 employees at one time.

Start Saving and Create a Positive Work Environment
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