Body Work

Bodywork supports Lifestyle Therapy programs by helping to soothe and heal tissues, increase mobility and performance, and to releive stress and tension, enhancing the experience and results of lifestyle therapy. 

Comfortable clothing can be worn for receiving many of the bodywork modalities, which makes it easier to get in a session during a busy day.

Body work, massage therapy, Bowen work

Body Work

Massage Therapy Modalities

Medical Massage

Whether you have a diagnosed condition or simply a persistent or complex pain, medical massage can help you find relief and heal. Used to address chronic or complex conditions, your practitioner may incorporate any of the modalities below.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a targeted biomechanical approach that focuses on optimal function, injury prevention, recovery, and addresses repetitive strain syndrome whether athletic or occupational.

Deep Tissue

Realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue with heavier, slow pressure, using specific angles and techniques to gently reach the deeper layers and release restrictions.

Scar Tissue Release

Increase mobility and aesthetic appearance through a special technique skillfully used to soften and release scar tissue.

Lymph Drainage

Promotes the breakdown of blockages, drainage of the lymph nodes, and regulates flow of the waste fluids handled by the lymphatic system. 

Myofacial Release

A style of massage that manipulates the facia, the thin fibrous tissue surrounding all muscles, to increase blood flow, release tension, extend contracted muscles and correct mobility issues.

Bowenwork Therapy

Bowenwork or “Bowen” is a gentle but powerful therapy performed to reset the body and stimulate self-healing using specific points and techniques of pressure to increase brain-body communication.

Bowenwork addresses a vast array of issues in the body by resetting muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Energy Work

Reiki may involve light touch or no touch at all while a practitioner finds energy blockages to release and balance the energy system.

Acupressure can involve medium to deep, or prolonged light pressure at specific points that signal release and healing to the brain for the specific area.

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