About Cesar

I can only teach from what I’ve learned:

I’ve learned to lose over 70 lbs and keep it off.

I’ve learned to increase my self confidence and feel good in my own skin.

I’ve learned how to manage life stress with healthy and productive practices.

I’ve learned that it takes more than just vigorous physical movement to change.

I am dedicated to continual learning of not only my personal health and well being but on how to efficiently serve and guide my clients to reach their potential to live more joyful and fulfilled lives.

~ Ceez

Cesars strengths lie in experience and the balance of the fitness and stress reduction components of Lifestyle Therapy.


Cesar “Ceez” Figueroa has been working with many individuals of different backgrounds and health goals for over a decade.

Much of his success is derived from his own fitness struggles that he had to overcome and which led him to want to inspire others to improve their lives as well. Being the slowest guy on his JV soccer team sparked some fire into him and resulted in massive action and determination to change his lifestyle. By the following year he had lost a total of 70 lbs and improved every aspect of his life.

This incredible transformation inspired him to give back and help others improve their lives. So Cesar became a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA in 2004. Continuing his education at Sacramento State University he received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science in 2011. With certifications in Yoga Nidra and in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Cesar’s lifestyle therapy strengths lie in the balance between yin and yang or fitness and stress reduction.

His extensive knowledge on the methods of living a healthier lifestyle, such as setting up realistic goals, maintaining a positive attitude, as well as understanding the intricacies of our bodies, has helped countless people.

Cesar loves to find the inner athlete in everyone. He motivates his clients to become more powerful, faster, stronger, and more agile. Cesar is immensely passionate about helping as many people as possible with their unique needs for the remainder of his life.

Even more about Cesar and his services can be learned at: https://www.ceezyourlife.co

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