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Third generation Bruce Lee instructor/student, two time Golden Glove Champion and extensive experience in the following specialites: Pencak Silat, grappling, three styles of Fillipino Martial Arts and Mauy Thai.

Rocci is an expert an helping you to build skills, confidence and peace of mind.

Rocci started martial arts training in highschool as a result of being picked on for his red hair. Through the experience he gained confidence and respect. He really enjoyed the training and wanted to help others to build confindence to be able to defend themselves safely.

Through his dedication, Rocci started teaching at the early age of 12 and with over 30 years of experience is now able to offer an exceptional level of instruction for a broad variety of ages and backgrounds, on an individual or group basis.

Rocci is the Voluteer In Police Service (VIPS) instructor and one of the active shooter instructors for the UC Davis Police Department and also serves the UC Davis Fire Prevention Department.

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