About Katie

Pilates, Lifestyle Therapy

Katie has a passion for health and continuous improvement, which she practices, and inspires others with, to help them in their own lives.

Katie is currently teaching live Mat Pilates classes in Herriman Utah or on our virtual platform that you can attend from almost anywhere!

Katie received a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine with a Minor in Dance. Currently, she works as an assistant to a Foot and Ankle specialist in addition to being an outstanding Fitness Professional teaching Classical Reformer and Mat Pilates. Katie says, “I love Pilates because it benefits every body and has helped me with flexibilty, posture, improved running times, and decreasd joint pain.I teach because I want others to be able to experience the benifits of movement through Pilates.”

Favorite activities are running, hiking, paddleboarding, and reading!  Katie has four amazing children whom she shares all of her adventures with.

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