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Go to the Xymogen e-store to get your favorite medical grade supplements! Click on "My Xymogen Supplements" above to login. Once on the page, click on "I am a patient."
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Remember your body's needs change periodically. It's important to check in with your Bliss Lifestyle Therapies practitioner every 1-2 months to update your testing and determine your current nutrition needs. If you have never had a nutrition assessment, that's a great place to start! Don't waste time and money or make yourself sick with supplements you don't need. Contact Bliss and mention our webpage to receive $25 toward your initial testing and consult appointment to make sure you are getting the nutrition that is right for you!

BlissLife Skin Care - Nerium, Mary Kay

Skin care? Yes! We start with good health on the inside and finish with good health on the outside. Reduce fine lines, sun damage, and sagging skin anywhere on your body! While weight loss gives you a great shape and fabulous energy, if you've dropped a lot of weight you can be left with excess sagging skin. Firming Body Contour Cream, Age-Defying Night Cream and select facial serums can be a simple solution that makes a big difference. Get information on research and amazing products: Click on "BlissLife Skin Care - Nerium" above to go to Nerium; the latest in cosmeceuticals for healthy skin treatments. For the latest in nourishing cosmetics, to compliment your skin treatments, click on "Mary Kay" above and enjoy the most beautiful you! Below are just a few favorites of Bliss clients. What is your favorite product? Let us know!

Mary Kay: Lash & Brow Building Serum, TimeWise Liquid Foundation (containing anti-aging peptides), Travel Roll-up Bag.
Nerium: Firming Body Contour Cream, Age-Defying Night Cream