Exercise makes you stronger. It makes you last longer and enhances all of the body’s health functions, releasing hormones that make you feel great! An exercise specialist can work with you to determine which exercises you need most, and how you should do them. Exercise services include:
  • Structural and fitness assessment with consulting to define realistic goals
  • Small group training with a coach to stay motivated
  • Personalized training for specific individual concerns, to work out old injuries or achieve new heights
  • Specialized training available for pre or post natal, stroke or TBI, etc.
  • We’re here for you! Bliss has experienced fitness professionals with multiple certifications to troubleshoot, analyze, educate, motivate, and design or update a fitness regime that’s right for you. Come in and get moving to get started feeling better than ever!


Sports Nutrition*
Minimize fatigue and maximize performance through sports-focused nutrition. Your health professional can help you to minimize muscle cramping, speed muscle recovery, build muscle and even get faster race times through specific nutrition.

Nutrition for Special Needs*
As you encounter nutrition issues or concerns your health professional will help you address such special needs as intestinal health, detoxification, and specific nutrition for diabetics, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other conditions.

Sometimes supplementation is required to address special needs or expedite your results. Should testing determine that you require specific nutritional supplements, Bliss Lifestyle Therapies uses only the best medical quality supplements. What does that mean? Formulas that are designed and tested to work. Nutrients and/or formulas undergo human clinical trials, ingredient quarantine and testing prior to approval for product inclusion, GMP practices and certification, 3rd party assays and more.

The most expensive supplement is the one you paid for that doesn’t work! We want you to get results and to prevent you from losing time and money taking things you don’t need, or even getting a product that’s contaminated and actually harms your health! Quality DOES matter! Bliss provides testing to save you the time and money lost from taking things you don’t need. Once we determine what you do need, we research and provide the best nutrition products specifically for you.

Weight loss*
Excess weight can be a source of stress, discomfort and unnecessary health problems. Bliss has the latest in weight loss strategies that simply work! Enjoy healthy weight loss of up to 20 lbs. in 5 weeks and keep it off!

If you can follow the 4 SIMPLE RULES below, the benefits of a healthy weight can be yours!

  1. You must eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. (Common sense, right?)
  2. You must have a protein and a carbohydrate at each meal. (Not sure what those are? It’s ok, you’ll get a list.)
  3. You must have only foods from the list provided to you. (We call this the “complete idiot’s guide to weight loss”)
  4. You must stay within the number of protein servings and carbohydrate grams calculated and recommended just for you.

It’s simple!

  • Lose Fat—Protect Muscle
  • Eat Normal Foods!
  • No Hunger, No Cravings!
  • No Drugs!
  • Have more Energy!

Enjoy the success you deserve as Bliss Lifestyle Therapy professionals get to the root cause of your weight issue and help you conquer it once and for all!

*All Weight Loss/Health Reset, sports nutrition, supplementation, special needs nutrition and Maintenance programs are tailored to each individual.

Stress Management

Taking into account for stress when looking at improving ones health is crucial. Eccess stress has a profound negative impact on your health. Prolonged periods of time under stress can contribute to serious health concerns such as cardiovascular disease and depression.

Although exercise and good nutrition can relieve a great deal of the body’s stress, sometimes there’s more. In working with you your practitioner may recommend specific relaxation techniques, basic stress management techniques, or appropriate professional resources to help you address area’s of particular concern.

Below is a list of some common causes of stress:

  • Finances
  • Divorce
  • Illness or injury
  • Death of a loved one
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Pregnancy
  • Parenting concerns
  • Moving your home or office
  • Excess noise
  • Work environment
  • Surgery

If you are currently or have recently experienced any of these, chances are, your health is being affected.

Your practitioner will work with you to take into account for added stress in looking at the overall picture when developing a health approach that’s right for you. Bliss Lifestyle Therapies has accumulated a trusted list of professional resources for you that can be useful in addressing various aspects of stress management. In addition personalized relaxation and health goal setting audio pieces can be made for you to complement your hard work and support the mental aspect of your health goals.

Corporate Wellness

Most companies save an average of THREE dollars to every ONE dollar that they spend on corporate wellness. Need we say more? Well, just in case you need to hear more, check this out:

Healthy employees:

  • Spend less on medical care.
  • Use less sick days
  • Are more productive
  • Make less errors
  • Are less likely to be injured

Research shows that most people are able to avoid or eliminate the need for medications by actively participating in just 12 weeks of therapeutic lifestyle changes. JUST 12 Weeks!

In addition to educational seminars employees can enjoy over lunch, Bliss has a rockin’ 12 week program that can whip your employees into shape with their health.

During a simple 12 week practical and educational program it is not uncommon for people to be able to dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for prescription meds in addition to reducing their waistline.


Improved Practice Performance:
Implementing Bliss in your practice helps overall patient treatment to go more smoothly allowing doctor and staff to be more efficient in specialized areas of the practice. By increasing efficacy throughout the practice and generating patient results this creates or validates a relationship of trust with new and established patients. When patients see the results they are able to achieve, in a relatively short amount of time, they realize you really do know what you’re talking about and they are much more likely to follow your advice in other areas of their health.

Simplified Diagnosis:
Bliss can be a tremendous diagnostic tool! What’s the point of giving patients treatments, medications or nutritional supplements for a problem that is related to excess weight, diet or exercise habits? Patients often experience so many symptoms, practitioners find themselves putting out fire after fire and treatment becomes a complex guessing game that could take some time to narrow down the root cause of a patients issues. Bliss provides an efficient method of diagnosis by effectively correcting patient lifestyle issues, allowing the practitioner to clearly see what patient health problems are true medical conditions or nutritional deficiencies. This saves practitioner and patient a tremendous amount of time and expense in unneeded testing and prescriptions. It increases the patients perception of practitioner professionalism by getting to the root of a patients health concerns much more quickly and effectively.

Better Patient Compliance:
Not only is a program ineffective if it’s too complicated for a practice to implement, but it doesn’t work if it’s too complicated for the patient either. Being an expert in health can be a full time job that patients are unable to do. Lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming to a patient and dramatically reduce their ability to understand and make the necessary changes. Bliss was created to make these changes as easy and painless as possible for patients. Bliss is simple! This dramatically improves patient compliance rates and helps patients to feel successful which in turn results in greater success for the practitioner.

Improved Patient Outcome:
Lifestyle changes are very closely tied in to patient health conditions. As a patients lifestyle improves their health often improves dramatically. Physicians find patients discomfort from symptoms and need for medication reduces or is eliminated completely. Practitioners are then able to focus on more serious health concerns, deliver more enhanced proceedures and really fine-tune a patients treatment; getting the maximum level of health possible for the patient and allowing them to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Refer a Patient:
If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of adding just one more thing to your practice, you can also refer patients to Bliss for lifestyle therapy. We’ll help get their lifestyle issues dialed in to make your job easier and help you get better overall patient results. We’ll take the same care of your patient that you would and communicate recommendations and any concerns with you so you can stay in control of their treatment. Please call or email for any questions or concerns.