Health is Happiness!

Whether you want to increase your energy, lose weight, get toned, get ripped or just look and feel great! Having good health is a direct link to your quality of life and happiness! Good health allows you to enjoy the things you like best with the ones you love.

Who doesn't want to feel and look younger?

Have you ever been so desperate for results that you've contemplated surgery? Maybe you're some one who had weight loss surgery and sooner or later the weight came back? Regardless of your approach, if you never learn the tools you need to keep the weight off, IT WILL COME BACK! With or without surgery learning to eat right and maintain an active lifestyle is essential to lasting results. Even if you decide that surgery is right for you, your recovery will be faster, better and your results far more lasting if you first change your lifestyle by learning how to eat right for your body and regularly participate in exercise thats best for you. You owe it to yourself to do what's best. For thousands of dollars less than surgery, without the health risk of surgery and without the recovery time and pain of getting cut open, YOU CAN HAVE LASTING RESULTS that will change your life and your ability to feel in control over your health!

Whatever your health goals are, Bliss Lifestyle Therapies can help you achieve them. Get lasting results once and for all. With individual testing and personalized programs, Bliss can help you to achieve that, easy peasy.

  • Feel great
  • Look great
  • Have more energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Improve performance
  • Alleviate depression
  • Improve blood sugar handling
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce or eliminate medications
  • Be there for the ones you love
  • Make everyday tasks easier
  • Enjoy life more!

About Us

About Us

Founded by Sydney Brahm, Bliss Lifestyle Therapies is a lifestyle management company that was developed after over 20 years of working in doctors’ offices and health and fitness facilities. Recognizing the disconnect between the two, Sydney developed programs that would more effectively meet the needs of both doctors and patients.

Research shows the lifestyle factors Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Management affect a person’s health most profoundly. Unfortunately, implementation methods are often too complicated and ineffective. By streamlining and simplifying approaches to lifestyle challenges, doctors find better patient compliance and individuals are more easily able to dramatically improve their success with health goals and thereby improve their quality of life.

Clearing up lifestyle related issues allows primary care physicians to more easily address the true medical needs of their patients. Thereby accelerating treatment
and improving patient outcomes.

Working together we are able to help people experience a quality of life they haven’t had in years, or maybe ever. As people improve and achieve goals we watch
their smiles grow, and so do ours.

About Sydney:
Sydney is an athlete, certified fitness professional and certified nutrition consultant and loves to improve peoples quality of life through good health. Sydney was always an active child, running 3 miles a day "for fun" at age 12, participating in track, swimming, cycling, and any other activity she had the opportunity to explore, so it was natural when she began teaching exercise in 1987. She was reading nutrition books by age 14 and spent time exploring vegetarianism and various other nutrition cultures. Recognizing that nutrition was often the missing link to peoples success, she added nutrition consulting to her services by 1997. She has achieved 10 different fitness certifications and 3 nutrition certifications in addition to her college education in kinesiology. Sydney has over 10 years of post rehab experience through working with chiropractic patients and has worked teaching exercise and nutrition to those with disabilities such as the blind, dwarfism, hearing impaired etc. She has studied all of the most popular nutrition approaches and has a unique understanding of the complexities of nutrition combined with energy and performance. Combining the most successful techniques with her experience, Sydney has developed a unique nutrition approach that gets dramatic results. She is the mother of two wonderful boys and enjoys her granddaughter. She enjoys many sports such as running, biking, kayaking, hiking, wake boarding, stand up paddle boarding, snowboarding, and skiing. With an active lifestyle, Sydney has suffered her share of injuries and understands the process of recovery and the importance of good health care and nutrition for: recovery, sports performance and just everyday quality of life.

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